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  • 1-3 people $500
  • 4 + people $150.00/per person
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The Underground House Tour takes you to one of Las Vegas’ most famous homes that very few people have ever seen.

The tour begins at the Tuscany Suites and Casino, located 1 block off of the Las Vegas Strip.  You will board our vehicle that is equipped with video screens and watch a short video about the history of the famous Underground House…..Why did Jerry Henderson build this house,  was it built as a bomb shelter like in the 1999 movie “Blast From The Past” ?

When you arrive at the house you will be led down a few flights of stairs to the 16,000 sq. ft. (1,486 square meter) house.  First you will see sky murals on 13 foot ceilings during the day time and beautiful glowing constellations at night time. Being underground means night and day are artificial, dusk, dawn, day and night are created using over 1000 fluorescent light bulbs.  Hear about Jewel Smith, the artist who  spent over 2 years painting murals on all of the walls to create an outdoor illusion.

See the rock that was dug from Red Rock Canyon before it was a national conservation area, a swimming pool with 2 hot tubs, a boulder that doubles as a grill, a 4 hole mini golf course, and that is before you even enter the 6,400 sq. ft. house!

This 2.5 hour experience is concluded with a Q&A session while returning Tuscany Suites and Casino

For parties less than 4 please call 702-677-9015 for pricing.

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